Training & Bodywork




In your session with me, I do my very best to take the detailed history of your life and formulate a session that will aid in your healing process. Elements include physical, mental, emotional,  and  spirtual. We work together to identify the priorities and locate the elements needing the most attention. First, I listen to what your goals are with the session. I listen to your history, I listen to your dream, I watch your body talk, and work with you to find the deeper root of freedom, happiness, and health.


I see a wide range of people, a wide range of dis-ease, pain, illness, and injury. I also see a wide range of teachers, caregivers, spiritual seekers, athletes, warriors, and adventurers looking to improve their performance in sports. I have an extensive background in sports medicine, bodywork modalities, injury rehabilitation, movement therapy, and sports rehabilitation. I have a double major in Athletic Training and Exercise Sciences, a 700 hour training in bodywork, a 200 hour  Yoga teacher training, and I am ART full body certified. Ten years ago, I transitioned my career into a more well rounded practice by adding the holistic and spiritual coaching aspect through the CHEK institute. I am now HLC level 3. With this education and higher guidance, my own healing has been on fast forward. It was the missing piece of the puzzle that needed to be solved a long time ago. With my experience, empirical knowledge of the human body, and intuition, I help you understand the physical language of the biography. 

The session may entail hands-on fascia release, deep tissue massage, active release techniques, or energy healing if you are able to see me face to face. If the session needs to be over the phone or through Facetime, I will adjust accordingly. We may do exercises or talk about exercises to feed particular areas of the body with energy and engage them to participate again, thus taking pressure off of overworking muscles. We work together to track the belief system and how your behaviors are reflecting  your conditioned beliefs.  Together, we deeply investigate your moral code, your life rhythms, and cross reference them with how you are currently living your life.  We discuss a REAL WORLD programing  for you to follow including action items that will help you get closer to your goal. For remote clients, I send a program design via Google Documents. 


The game plan for success takes two. It takes willingness and time. If you are ready to take the journey that you have always wanted, I am ready for you. I am dedicated to the well being of the human race. I am dedicated to the collective consciousness. I am passionate about you being the best you can be right now.

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